Brand Salience

The basis of brand equity is brand salience. Brand salience is the phenomenon of not only being aware of a brand, but of actively remembering its name at the moment when you wish to make a purchase. As Byron Sharp describes it: "Brand salience is the propensity for a brand to be noticed and/or come to mind in buying situations."

Brands grow by being physically and cognitively present at the moment of purchase. The stronger these two aspects, the higher the chance of the product being bought. 

Initial Concept uses research to answer the following questions: 

- What is the brand salience of your brand? 

- Is your brand top-of-mind and is it mentioned spontaneously? 

- Is it actively considered during potential purchase situations? 

- What are your key category entry points?

- What associations does the consumer make with your brand, and what associations can you actively use in your communication?

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